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The New Conservatory, Thu 22 May
The Living Room, Wed 18 Jun
The Living Room, Thu 31 Jul
The Living Room, Thu 28 Aug

Leeds Art Gallery
When a visitor enters the Leeds Art Gallery their artistic instincts are at once awakened with the wide varieties of artworks on display. Some of the most outstanding works of British art outside London are available at Leeds Art Gallery.

Leeds – what you need to know
Though the term is rarely used, the inhabitants of Leeds are locally known as Loiners. This article will introduce you to the proud city of Leeds in the UK and give you an insight into its people and its history.

Visiting Leeds
Leeds boasts lots of attractions for visitors and tourists alike. Some notable attractions are the Royal Armories, West Yorkshire Playhouse, City Art Gallery and Roundhay park. This article is a quick guide to the attractions of Leeds.